Tuesday 20th of July

Good morning folks, I hope you’re well! We saw quite some volatility yesterday eh, that was nice to see, rare for the summer month to be active.

Before jumping into my watchlist, I have to say how good it feels to be back into my normal routine, forcing myself to exercise, run, swim, bike every day (well probably taking today off but that’s because I destroyed myself yesterday ahah)

Make sure you get out every day and do something folks!

FX Watchlist


Aussie Yen is still on my watch even tho we are slightly below the zone I have drawn in since it appears that it’s touching the weekly stack, which the zone did not have and since we’re still rather close to the area of demand I’m keeping my eyes on it.

I’m clearly not saying it’s the prettiest set-up I’ve ever seen, that would be a lie, but let’s wait and see?


Canadian Yen is way prettier tho in my humble opinion, so let’s wait and see, if AJ gives us an entry it’s possible that CJ does, and if I’d have to choose I’d probably take Canadian Yen over AJ.

This zone and the weekly stack is just that clear in my eyes.


Euro Aussie has reached the area of demand, so now I’m just being patient, it’s a clear counter zone in my book with a vaid weekly stack.

All in all, time to sit on our hands until the charts tell us otherwise


Let’s mention Euro Dollar since it’s still hovering above the area of demand, at one point it shall reach it, well, maybe, who knows!

That’s it for today folks!

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