Friday 16th of July

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

Trying to get back into a normal rythm but struggling I’ll admit so I haven’t been as productive or active.

FX Watchlist


While Aussie Kiwi saw a strong drop yesterday, it remains in the zone and probably got some liquidity so let’s see how it plays out in the next couple of closes!


Aussie Yen is getting closer to the area I’m interested in, it just formed a double bottom so let’s see if it breaks slightly lower


Euro Dollar is slowly but surely moving towards an area of demand, it’s quite similar to the EUR/GBP in that way, let’s see what happens, one thing is for sure, there’s some clear deceleration


Dollar Singapore is sticking to just below the area of supply, let’s see if we get a clear entry before the potential reversal, or if it’s just accumulating enough pressure to break through the area

That’s it for today, have a goood one folks!

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