Thursday 15th of July

Good morning folks! Hope you’re well!

It’s crazy how unfair life is, and how lucky we are to be alive, so let’s keep that in our mind while we work 🙂
Weather is finally coming back to a “summer” weather apparently here so going to try to spend more time outside!


I took a trade!

Trade Update

EUR/GBP long

After talking about it for over a month, we had an entry for a long position on EUR/GBP – which I executed without having any hesitation – that’s one problem when you’ve had a pair on watch for so long, you execute without thinking

After taking it I struggled to explain the higher time frame stack, and still do I’ll admit

FX Watchlist


While Aussie Kiwi did give an entry over night I was sleeping so I’m not in it, it wasn’t the prettiest entry anyway since the price had gone sideways for 16hours while slowly going higher, so the value wasn’t amazing.

That being said, had I woke up at 3am to take it, I’d be quite happy with it! Hence I’m just waiting to see if there’s another entry


I’m mentioning Dollar Singapore once more since even tho we had a spike into the zone yesterday we didn’t stay there for long, so let’s see if we have one more leg into the area of supply before a potential reversal.

I’ve got my alert set 🙂

That’s it for today folks!

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