Monday 12th of July

Morning folks! I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

I just got home from my 10 day trip to Spain which was really nice, felt like the right decision to go on a last-minute trip with one of my closest friends to reset my mind and be close to one of my friends

I’ve tried to keep updating you while I was away, but it’s kinda hard when one of you is 100% on holiday and the other one is working ahah

Anyway, I’m back home now!

FX Watchlist


While I can see why someone would have the previous low as a zone I believe the area of demand is slightly lower, which would also be a nice area of liquidity for institutions hence I’m keeping my eyes on this zone for a long play

Honestly I don’t have much else on watch for today so I’m going to leave this as is, and have a look around see if I can find anything I missed

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