Monday 5th of July

Good afternoon / morning folks (I’m writing this on a Sunday afternoon!)

Let’s have a look at what’s interesting for us on Monday

FX Watchlist


Euro Kiwi is interesting to me, mainly because there’s an area of supply but also since there’s potential for a trend line break

We’ve got some potential so let’s keep our eyes open to see if we have a clear potential



Canadian Yen is interesting, I doubt we’ll get an entry on Monday but let’s keep our eyes on it to see how price reacts to this zone


Euro Pound is a currency pair I’ve had on watch for a month now I think, the price is attracted to the area of demand but it’s struggling to reach it, it’ll be interesting to see if we get rid of the consolidation once the area is reached

Oh and Tarifa is amazing!

Enjoying the beach, sun, beer and mojitos 🙂

Here’s a pic I took yesterday on my crappy phone

You get the vibe :0

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