Friday 2nd of July

Good morning folks! Sorry for the delay!

But I’ve arrived in Tarifa! Got here around 11pm last night, my friend luggage got lost on the way so that was annoying.

Got to our hostel to discover they had a positive COVID case which meant we’d need to spent the night somewhere else, which was a fun thing to do at 11pm after 2hour drive in a rental car 🙂

No clue where we’re staying tonight but hey, life is short and can end abruptly, so might as well take whatever comes to you with a smile while you can!

Oh and co-working space appear to only open at 9am, so do coffee shops here so…. Yep, seems like I’ll be publishing my watch later than usual ahah

Anyway, enough talk, let’s have a look at what’s on my watchlist.

FX Watchlist


I’m mentioning Aussie Swiss only for those that are very aggressive, I personally didn’t take the trade (not only because I was asleep after a non stop battle with mosquitoes) because this zone was created by the break of a phase line, the trendline hasn’t broken yet.

However, if you’re a lot more aggressive than I then there was a valid script entry earlier on.


Euro Kiwi is quite similar to AUD/CHF since there’s a clear phase line that was broken, however the trendline isn’t broken yet.

That being said, it’s a lot cleaner than AUD/CHF in my books, so I will be looking to take a potential short if we reach the area of supply and form a valid entry!


While Pound Aussie has been on my watchlist every single day of the week it hasn’t reached the weekly stack hence I’m still waiting on the sidelines to see what happens! Not too worried if we don’t get an entry, however if the price moves higher to reach our area of supply that has a higher timeframe stack I’ll be executing the short.

I’ve adjusted the area of supply to reduce the temptation 🙂

Fuck feels good to be out of my rut, to be in a coworking space, to be speaking Spanish even tho I’ve got nearly no sleep whatsoever under my belt!


Shout out to Max Nieveld for making me notice UJ, I had entirely forgotten about this pair since I cleaned up my charts

We are within an area of supply, with a higher time frame stack so all in all, just waiting for a potential reversal!

(Oh and Max is the founder of New Capital – would recommend checking out his course and his content, must be one of the youngest hedge fund managers out there!)

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