Wednesday 30th of June

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

Since the markets are rather slow and I feel the need to change my ideas I’ve just booked a trip to the south of Spain (Tarifa) but don’t worry this is be a “normal” trip I’ll be working even tho I’m going there with a friend!

If you’ve been there (or even to Malaga which is where we’re flying in) please do hit me up with suggesttions!

Let’s jump into my watchlist

FX Watchlist


I’ve been in my CAD/CHF short position for a few days now and it’s now presenting itself as a potential 4hour scale in.

However, stupid as I am I did all my watchlist before checking this pair and then went about to get breakfast….

So I’ve missed an entry opportunity due to the fact my alert was slightly higher.

I’ve however placed an order in case it gets close to the 4h 50EMA once again.

If I was looking for a proof I’m not in the zone at the moment this would be it….


While GBP/AUD Reached the area of supply yesterday, well this morning I didn’t mention it earlier since it’s still quite far away from the weekly stack, (the weekly stack starts where I have drawn a line)

While it is currently showing a clear break and retest of the trendline, rejection of the area of supply and a nice script entry it hasn’t reached a higher time frame stack hence I’m staying out until we see the price reach the line I have drawn in.

There’s no guarantees it won’t drop to parity from here tho!

Looking forward to being in Spain!

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