Friday 25th of June

Good morning folks, I’m back from my “holiday” well I say holiday but I was still checking charts! Just not publishing any posts since I was staying with friends in Saint Tropez and Uzes.

That being said I’m not in the best of moods today, just got informed one of my best friends is unaccounted for in the Miami building collapse so yeah… I really really really freaking hope she gets rescued

But let’s talk about something I can control – trading.

Trade Update

I took a trade yesterday! I was on the motorway driving home when the 4hour close took place and I knew there was a potential entry so I stopped at the first stop available, checked the charts and executed a short on CAD/CHF

FX Watchlist

On my watchlist today I don’t have much.


Kiwi Swiss is also presenting a potential short play, however the longer it takes to create itself the less interested I become as you know.

So let’s see what happens. that being said, it does have a weekly stack so that’s positive and the recent trend is to the downside

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