Thursday 17th of June

Good morning folks!

Some movements in the market yesterday, love it.

Let’s start with a trade update:

Trade Update


We’ve reached my take profit so happy about that – however, I came to realise today that my scale in had been taken out for a loss due to the spread a few days ago sadly.

So +3R for the original position and -1R for the scale in

Would take the same position over and over again. Happy with it.

FX Watchlist

We had some serious movement in the charts yesterday so here’s my 4 pairs on watch for today & tomorrow (well, I’m going to be driving to the south of France tomorrow so won’t be in front of charts)


Swiss Yen has broken out of the ascending trendline, I believe this pair could give us a fantastic entry tomorrow or next week, so it’s definitely on top of my watch for now.

It’s a rather clear trend line break after a strong move higher, all in all, I love it 🙂 Oh and there’s already a valid weekly stack so we’re good on that side of things as well.


Euro USD dropped quite a fair amount yesterday so that’s cool, it brought it to an area of demand I’m interested in 🙂

That being said, I’ve just realised there’s no higher time frame stack for a long from this area so I won’t be executing from it.

That’s the proof that going over your watchlist an hour afterwards and checking it makes sense is valuable!


Dollar Swiss is approaching an area of demand (I’ve adjusted the zone so that it fits with the higher time frame stack, hence why it begins a little higher than you may have it.

Let’s see how it goes 🙂


Dollar Yen is one of the prettiest daily charts we’ve seen however the monthly is slightly above the zone so let’s wait and see if we can get a push into the monthly stack.

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