Wednesday 9th of June

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

Still nothing new on my charts, just remaining patient.

Being patient is hands down the hardest part of trading for me so… Yep, I like to have things on my watch and executing trades 🙂

That being said I am still in three positions, the original NZD/CHF position, it’s currently sitting in the red and USD/SGD x2 so let’s be patient and see what happens.

Would love to see those two pairs power up I’ll admit, would make me feel a lot more comfortable if they reached my profit targets!

Anyway, you know the drill, I have the same 3 pairs on my potential watch for today.

FX Watchlist


We are hovering below the area of supply that I’m interested in for a potential short.

Actually, screw that, there’s no weekly stack and while I’m comfortable using two weekly imbalances I’m not using to monthly imbalances to create an area.


Euro dollar (does have a higher time frame stack, and is also painting quite a clear image on the daily chart, now it’s only a question of patiently waiting I guess 🙂


Dollar Swiss is also on my watch for a potential set-up this week, we are still quite far away from the area of demand but it’s good to keep our eyes on it just in case!

That’s it for today folks!

Have a good one!

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