Friday 4th of June

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

Sadly I have to update you, I have taken a loss on my 4hour scale in for NZD/CHF

Trade Update:


As mentioned just above my 4hour scale in didn’t reach an area where I’d have been comfortable moving my stop to an area in profit and I took a full loss.

Not an issue, it’s part of the game! Only 58.62% of those 4hour scale ins close as profitable trades, yet the average return for them is of 1.43%

Trust your stats, don’t get emotional when taking a loss.

That being said, let’s hope to see this one move back into profit 🙂 I’m still in the original trade.

Oh and I’ve got an order entry on USD/SGD for a 4hour scale in, we haven’t reached it yet tho.

FX Watchlist

Trying to clean up my watch since it was starting to get messy, a lot of sideways price action or at least invalid P.A. for me so I have to plug out of the matrix to see clearer.

Found two pairs that look interesting for next week, so let’s talk about them?


Euro Dollar recently broke an ascending trendline, really liking the set-up, if we close as it currently stands we’ll have a gorgeous fresh weekly stack for the short, we don’t have a stack for area of demand tho, only for the area of supply so that will be my focus,


Dollar Swiss has now moved away form the area of supply without even touching it, so I’m keeping my eyes on it for both a potential long from the area we’ve been looking at for this entire week but I’ll also keep my eyes on a potential short from 0.913

Let’s see what happens.

Let’s make use of the time we have to improve our trading plans or enjoy life outside!

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