Thursday 3rd of June

Good morning folks! Hope you’re well!

I’m having issues with the current market to find interesting things to put on my watchlist to be honest.

Sometimes it’s better to just stop looking for them rather than forcing yourself on potential trades, so let’s be careful!

FX Watchlist


Dollar Canadian is still close to the area of demand that dates back to 2015, we’ve been hovering above it and touching it to then reject it twice

I’ll wait for the price to drop into the zone a lot deeper than it currently has if I’ll take it, I’ll want it to be a clear new low for it to be interesting


Dollar Swiss is (as per all the days in this week) hovering above the zone, so let’s be careful and patient 🙂

In both of these cases we’ll want to see the USD loose a bit of value before taking the long.

Have a good one folks!

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