Wednesday 2nd of June

Good morning folks I hope you’re well!

Just wanted to take the time to thank Sergio that recently commented on one of my posts telling me he recently switched his trading style to supply and demand – hope you’re going to kill it, remember, stick to your rules and don’t become entitled – being patient and always hungry to do more will bring you the results you want!

Anyway, time to update you on my trades.

Trade Update


I execute a long on USD/SGD as per my watch yesterday, I thought it looked great, we have a gorgeous weekly stack, a clear daily area of demand and a gorgeous V shape 4hour chart on top of having a script entry, all in all, I’m happy I executed this trade.

It’s currently sitting around break even, but that’s fine – whatever happens I’ll be happy I executed this position.

FX Watchlist

I’m not liking a lot of what I’m seeing, quite a few pairs reached areas of demand / supply and then reversed or moved sideways so it’s quite ugly at the moment and will require one discretion.

Instead of showing things that are very iffy on my watch I’ll just share the one pair that looks clean in my eyes


Dollar Swiss is approaching an area of demand that was created as a counter zone, it’s from this area that price got enough volume to break the previous high and the previous supply area.

I’ll be patient with this one 🙂

Have a good one folks & stay safe!

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