Friday 28th of May

Good morning folks! I hope everyone is well!

Did a horrible workout yesterday so still can barely walk, live and learn: Never do 400m lungees up a hill once you’re done with a run up hills…. That was stupid ahah

Anyway, important update, took a scale in.

Trade Update


I took a 4hour scale in opportunity on NZD/CHF this morning, well, my order did it for me.

Since the original entry we’ve seen the price explode to the upside and break the 50EMA, we’ve now come to retest it which I’m happy and I’m now looking for it to keep moving higher 🙂

FX Watchlist


Canadian Yen has reached an area of supply, let’s see what happens here! The area dates back to early 2018.

Sadly we don’t have a weekly stack, but that’s okay, we have a monthly instead so not too worried about that!

Price came to a standstill once it reached it so let’s see how it behaves over the next couple of days


Pound Yen has reached an area of supply with a clear stack it’s another old zone but that doesn’t mean it’s not valuable!

GBP/AUD is also interesting, however I cannot seem to find a valid higher time frame stack so I won’t be taking it.

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