Thursday 27th of May

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

I don’t really have much on my watchlist for today, I’m mainly waiting for an opportunity to take a scale in on my NZD/CHF long position, if it’s valid that is.

I’ll be interested in taking it if the price retraces towards the 4h 50EMA – I’m just patiently waiting, it could happen today, or tomorrow or next week, or never 🙂

We can see the EMA has been well respected so I don’t mind the fact it would be quite a big pullback before I can enter.

In terms of new positions….

FX Watchlist


Dollar Canadian remains interesting to me, I mean there’s a clear area of demand below the current price and we are witnessing some clear deceleration at this level.

Let’s be patient and avoid jumping the gun on this one.

It’s possible to say that the price formed a clear triple bottom and broke out of a descending wedge, and we’ll never see the price around this level, but I’ll keep my eyes out for this one.


Dollar Swiss is another pair I want to keep my eyes on just in case, it’s an interesting set-up, so let’s just be patient and ready to execute if the time comes to that!


Dollar to Singapore is the last pair I have on my watch for today, it’s currently sitting in a zone, however I’m interested in the zone that’s slightly below it, let’s see what happens once we reach it!

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