Wednesday 19th of May

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

Going to get vaccinated this morning, and I have to admit, not really excited to have to drive 45min each way for it… BUT worth it.

Came across a quote from Sebastian Junger, “It’s freedom from oppression, not freedom from obligations”

Those obligations can be obligations to yourself: to remain fit, to your kids: to avoid taking any stupid risk and die before they’re grown up, to society, to your friends etc.

FX Watchlist


Euro Dollar is approaching the new area of interest, let’s see if we can reach the one higher.

The current zone is valid however I’m not the biggest fan of it anymore since we rejected it and then went lower before coming back into the area.


Pound Yen is approaching the area of reversal, let’s wait for a potential reversal.


Kiwi Swiss is also on my watchlist, the zone is still valid – there’s a clear counter zone, it’s where I want it to be, the weekly stack is rather obvious, so let’s see what happens.


Dollar Yen is rather clear, we are approaching a counter zone with a valid weekly stack, I’d prefer to see it reach the low however this area will be valid as well.

Oh and I came across a nice thread on Twitter:

Have a wonderful day folks 🙂

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