Thursday 6th of May

Good morning folks, I hope you’re well 🙂

Trade Update

I had to come clean, I took a loss on my 4hour scale in on NZD/JPY, however both my original 4hour entry and 1h scale in were taken out for break even.

I moved the original position to BE a little earlier than 2% (1.8% running or so) due to the rejection of the phase line – the 1hour scale in reached 2%+

All in all I’m happy 3 positions taken for -1% loss it’s all good – the risk reward was there.

Daily Watchlist


Clear move back up towards the area of supply, let’s see what happens.


Euro Kiwi reached the area of supply, let’s wait for a clear entry signal – we nearly had an entry.


Pound Yen is looking like CADCHF 🙂

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