Monday 2nd of May

Good morning folks I hope you’re well and had a fantastic weekend.

Might as well jump straight into the trade update section.

Trade Update


My short position on Canadian Yen was taken out for a full loss, it’s oaky, I’m happy I executed it as per my plan.

It wasn’t the prettiest zone, but it fits my plan so there’s nothing to change there!

It could potentially offer a re-entry opportunity today for those who like them, I personally don’t but… You are your own trader, I’m not going to tell you what to do and what not to do πŸ™‚


Having gone out on Saturday and barely slept I decided to allow myself to stay in bed until 8am French time today, I knew nothing important was on watch for early in the morning.

Well, that is, I forgot about placing a scale in order on Kiwi Yen,

There was a potential entry when I was sleeping.

I missed it.

I’ve placed an order at the area I was looking at.

That being said, we recently tested the 4h 50EMA and rejected it, so it could lead to the explanation of the move higher.

Let’s see if I get triggered.

Daily FX Watchlist


We still haven’t reached the area of supply for a potential short, we had quite a strong move higher last week, so let’s be patient, it would be a very pretty double top πŸ™‚

Let’s be patient is probably my most commonly used sentenced when it comes to my daily FX watchlist πŸ™‚


Pound Canadian is also on my FX watch for today, it’s a rather clear set-up in my book, I’ve adjusted my daily zone to fit with the HTF hence why it looks strange.


Pound Yen is also approaching an area of supply, it’ll be interesting to see what happens! We’re still decently far away from the zone tho.


Dollar Canadian is clear for a potential long trade, we’ve been moving lower for over a year straight without having a clear reversal – the zone I’ve got drawn in dates back to 2017 so it’s a rather old one, but… It’s a rather pretty one πŸ™‚

Have a fantastic week folks!

By the way, out of interest, what is of most value to you, me sharing my trades or my watchlist?

I’d love for you to fill in this straw poll so I could know what I should focus on

3 Replies to “Monday 2nd of May”

  1. This may be too much to ask but I’ve been going through your blog, I learned a lot about your monthly reports, wondering when’re you going to bring them back? πŸ™‚


    1. I have been thinking of it, I have to admit, doing the reports takes quite a lot of time so I’d probably want to find a way to do it more efficiently / faster

      Does the format matter or are you happy as long as there’s the trades I took (and do you want to see the before – or is the after only fine since the before will be shared here anyway?)

      Thanks Rafael!



      1. Yeah, I can see that in your previous monthly reports. They’re all well done. tbh, for me, after trades are okey since they’d also cover the thought process and the outcome things like that.

        Thanks for taking the time to respond Good Sir πŸ™‚


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