Wednesday 28th of April

Good morning team! I hope you’re well!

I’m liking how the price is currently moving across a few currency pairs, so just being patient 🙂

Let’s dive straight into it!

FX Watchlist


Aussie Cad is approaching the area of interest, I’ve adjusted the daily level to fit with the weekly


Canadian Yen is also approaching the area I am interested in, this time for a potential short play – we’ve got an old weekly stack that still works with me so let’s wait and see what we get 🙂


Euro Yen started to play out exactly as I called it yesterday making a higher high, now the question is will it go lower or are we breaking this area of supply to beginning the next push up. I don’t know, all I know is that I’m patiently waiting for a short 🙂


Kiwi Yen is also on my watch for today, we are now within the area of supply so I’m on my toes waiting for a script entry for a potential short play.

Let’s be patient, it’s not guaranteed the price will drop anyway so there’s no point taking a trade that doesn’t fit our criteria.

That’s it for today, just wanted to share my “priority” watchlist since we’ve got quite a few things that could play out today or tomorrow!

Leaving you guys on that 🙂

Keep executing / Keep improving / Keep smiling 🙂

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