Friday 23rd of April

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

I’m still holding my original short on AUD/NZD ( as well as the scale in on my personal account – it’s only my 5ers account (a funded account by an investment company) that was tagged out due to spread) as well as my long scale in on EUR/USD.

Both have been going sideways since yesterday but that’s fine by me 🙂

Let’s dive into my watch? There’s nothing I expect to see today to be honest.

FX Watchlist


I’ve got EUR/NZD drawn up for a potential long, but as mentioned yesterday, we’ve created a clear double bottom formation / even a triple bottom so rather exciting if we break that level lower we could see a potential liquidity grap.


Kiwi Swiss is also on my watch for a potential reversal once the highs have been broken.

Let’s be patient and see how things play out next weekend.

Also, currently listening to a podcast that’s rather interesting:

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