Thursday 22nd of April

Good morning team! Hope you’re well!

Once again, not much on watch today, seems like it could be a slow day, but let’s remember we tend to take 4 to 5 trades per month so that’s normal

FX Watchlist


Euro Kiwi remains on my watch for a potential long play, we just need to wait for this triple bottom to be broken to the downside 🙂


Kiwi Swiss is also on my watch, glad to see the kiwi currency on multiple watches 🙂

Quite interesting to see some difference but the overall similarity is rather striking if you ask me


Kiwi Yen nearly gave us an entry yesterday or two days ago, but sadly it remains on watch since it didn’t fit all our criterias.

Also, Brian Lee shared a long youtube video / conversation, all his content is worth reading / watching so here’s the link:

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