Tuesday 20th of April

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well 🙂

Quite a lot of pairs are starting to shape up for a potential trade, this week could be a good one so let’s dive straight into it

Trade Update

Oh and when I’m thinking about it – my AUD/NZD 4hour scale in was tagged out for around -0.2R due to slippage on Friday night sadly, slippage + the carry cost did end up making it a bigger loss than it should’ve been but that’s all right.

It’s a shame I was tagged out by 6.6 slippage but… Not much I can do about it.

That being said I’m still in my original position so that’s still going.

FX Watchlist

I won’t go into much detail if we’re still quite far from the area I find interesting, but I just wanted to get you to open your eyes 🙂




EJ has been on watch for a rather long time so let’s be patient 🙂




Happy I had executed the long on GBP/USD no regret not taking re-entry since it’s not part of my trading plan – let’s look for a potential short now.



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