Monday 19th of April

Good morning folks! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Will be a short one for today, no point sharing all the pairs I’m eyeing up for the week and then just repeating myself over and over – might as well spice up the daily post 🙂

FX Watchlist


As mentioned Friday we reached the area of supply I was looking at for a potential short, however I was waiting to see if we got a double top formation – if we did I’d be okay taking a short from there.

That being said, it needs to happen today, otherwise I’ll take it off my watch and say that the zone is compromised.


Will be eyeing up the potential long once we reach the area of demand, it’s quite interesting since we’ve made a clear double bottom, there’ll be liquidity below it, so let’s wait and see if the lows get manipulated 🙂


We can say the absolute same for Kiwi Yen with the clear double top close to an area of supply – let’s see what happens, if we get a push above that’d be quite good – would show there’s clear potential liquidity for a reversal there

Saw a really nice tweet yesterday from Nassim Taleb so thought I’d shar eit

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