Thursday 15th of April

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

I’ve been looking into new things I want to learn about when it comes to the market, my interest is currently stuck on Wyckoff methodology, so if you have any insights / recommendations surrounding it I’d be all ears! The same applies with trading volume profiles:)

I haven’t added / changed anything to my running trades (2x short AN and 1x long EU) so no updates there.

My watchlist has remained rather similar so it may be boring, but I’m adding two pairs to keep it fun 😀

FX Watchlist


Aussie Swiss is on my watchlist for a potential short play, I like the area, it was a clear trend line break in my opinion so I’m happy with it.

There’s a clear weekly stack so all in all, I’m just waiting for an entry opportunity


Canadian Yen hasn’t really changed, still looking for that short play


Not sure there’s been any change in Euro Yen for the last two / three weeks I’ll admit


Kiwi Swiss sadly played out without reaching our area of interest, that one definitely did make me sad, I had hoped to see a test of the zone before moving higher.

That being said, we are now approaching the higher zone which has a weekly stack (I have adjusted the zone hence why it doesn’t fit on the daily) I’ll be looking for a short from there


Kiwi Yen is the third yen pair on this watch, with the two swiss pairs – shows that the safe heavens could be setting themselves up for a play !

I like this set-up, now it’s only a question of whenever the price will reach the zone and give us a script entry.

The main drawback on this set-up is that it’s quite hard to find a valid weekly area – we can do so by combining two weekly candles together but even then it’s not perfect.

Quit comparing yourself with other people. It won’t motivate you for long, it’ll just create resentment / jealousy and lead you to ask why him not you

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