Wednesday 14th of April

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

Let’s dive straight into my trade update

Trade Update

I closed the original position on EUR/USD I had taken on the 31st of March for 3R as well as the 1 hour scale in I took on EUR/USD on the 2nd of April for 5.2R

I am still holding the 4hour scale in with my stop loss in profit, I shall be more patient with this one.

I’ll admit the temptation to manually close the trade when it started to form a wedge was strong, but I do not have any data proving it’s worth to do so, hence I kept the position open and followed my trading plan.

Happy I executed this trade and followed my trading plan.

Proof that it works even if I take loses along the way (such as GBP/USD)

I am also still holding my AUD/NZD short position x2 – the two entries are at breakeven so it has no risk on the table.

FX Watchlist

Same as the previous few days


Canadian Yen is on my watch for a potential short once it comes back up to retest the highs


Euro Yen is also on my watch list for a potential short play once we test the zone that’s slightly above our current double top formation – I’m guessing a lot of stops will be in that area so it’ll be interesting 🙂


Kiwi Swiss moved to the upside yesterday after giving a script entry just a few pips above the zone, I was rather sad to see it happen, was a perfect 4hour price action, sadly it hadn’t quite reached my zone so I didn’t execute my trade.

I nearly added a few other pairs to only realise they don’t have any higher time frame stack, so I’m afraid we’ll keep our focus on these 3 for now.

A small tweet from one of my favorite traders on twitter before I go

Have a fantastic day folks, I hope you banked on EUR/USD as well if you trade a similar style as I do

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