Monday 12th of April

Good morning folks! I trust everone is well!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and spent it in a good fashion! I did a 5k for time, took me 24min and 9 seconds, I usually don’t time myself and only go slow so it was the first time I tried to up my pace.

Keeping the right pace is bloody complicated without a running watch I’ll tell you that much 🙂

Anyway, you’re not here because of my amazing good looks or my running (or are you?)

FX Watchlist


Canadian Dollar Yen is on my watch for a potential short – if the price just reached the zone before dropping we’d also see a clear head and shoulder pattern which would be cool, it always adds some edge to our position.

The thing about C/J is that we have a zone at the high it just made but we also have a zone just slightly above it, both of them coming from a gorgeous weekly stack, so all in all, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens


Are you guys bored of seeing Euro Yen on my watchlist? It’s been there for nearly two weeks now and we haven’t really move, I’m sorry, I don’t control it, all I have control over are my actions, including my watchlist 🙂


Kiwi Swiss is on my watchlist, it’s the last one that could see some action for today I believe, we’re getting closer to the zone of interet!

Little amount of “wisdom” before I leave you folks!

Oh and my friend and coach Jared Tendler book – the Mental Game of Trading is out now!

I’m waiting to receive my copy! Do yourself a favour and get a copy for yourself too!

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