Thursday 1st of April

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

I won’t play any tricks on you today 🙂 Well maybe, who knows eh.

Trade update:

EUR/USD presented itself as a potential long as per my watch yesterday, I executed it as an SF (small sideways action) quite happy with it, the fact that the DXY seemed to fit fit the trade would be rather gorgeous.

If you wonder how I feel about having the trade in the red at first, I don’t really mind, I know more than 50% of my winning trades have at least one candle close in the red.

FX Watchlist


Canadian Yen is quite interesting we’re approaching an area of interest and we’ve been in an incredible bullish move that will probably need a bigger drawback.


Pound Swiss is on my watchlist for a potential short, a clear zone, that being said, it’s also worth noting that the zone could’ve been a lot bigger. I had decided to draw a smaller zone – to wait for the set-up to be of higher probability.


Dollar Yen is worth noting as well, it’s quite interesting as well, we are approaching a level I’ll want to short from knowing how extended the move currently is.

That’s it for today on my side of things 🙂

I came across quite a nice quote from Derek Sivers interview with Tim Ferris yesterday

“If I want to learn a language, it’s probably not going to be by doing it 2 hours a day, but just total immersion.”

It’s a great conversation, it’s worth listening to / reading it!

What I mean about the quote above is that if you want to master something you’ll probably have to give it all your time otherwise you’ll never become one hundred percent fluent in a language.

Time immersion is key.

One Reply to “Thursday 1st of April”

  1. As someone who work and live in foreign country for 15 years and all of working time spent with native speakers- i belive (base on my experince) the most important aspect is feedback. There are many people who speak broken language even after spending years (like me) working with native speakers. If your co-workers understand that ( gesture) what you mean – nobody will be bothered to tell you (usually over and over) that you no saying/write it correct.


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