Monday 22nd of March

Good morning folks, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Had a blast, drove down to visit my sister and nephew, made for some nice runs and a nice drive in the mountains 🙂

Anyway, let’s start with the bad news?

I don’t really have much on my watchlist for today. Yep, still no trades for the month. It’s been a very quiet one.

FX Watchlist


Canadian Yen is on my watch for this week but not for a long, I’m mainly interested in a short from the area above the current high.

Let’s see if we reach it (I’m not interested to the long due to the lack of a higher timeframe stack)


Euro Yen is also on my watchlist but this is also for a potential short, however the price is moving lower at the moment so we’ll have to see


Pound Dollar is also on my watch for this week, well, it’s been on my watch for the last three weeks now you’ll say and you’d be correct.

That’s it for my short term watchlist folks

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