Thursday 18th of March

Good morning folks, I hope you’re well!

Nothing much to talk about, but I really wanted to drive home a point before talking about my watchlist.

While trading does require some analytical skill, the most important thing you can do is focus on your mindset.

Let time have its say, have some temperance and don’t jump around.

Anyway, enough talking, let’s dive into my watchlist

FX Watchlist


Canadian Yen is on my watch, we haven’t yet reached the area of supply but one thing is for sure, it is due for a pullback!

The zone we are approaching is rather gorgeous if you are to ask me – it comes from a clear trend line break, at the top of the move – so the best value possible and has a gorgeous weekly stack.

Let’s be patient and wait for the opportunity to show its hand to us. No need to rush in a trade now! Stick to your god damn plan!


Euro Yen is the second and last pair on my watch for today, we are also approaching an area of supply that is both a counter zone and a phase line break, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

We have quite a clear weekly stack, it’s definitely not as great as CJ, however it respect our trading plan, so if we get a script entry there I’ll be executing it.

That’s it for today’s watchlist folks!

However, before you go, would love to hear any recommendations you have when it comes to building a trading system as an algo.

The systems I come up with tend to have a positive edge when I manually backtest them, but when it’s an algo I’m struggling a bit more I’ll admit.

If you have any cool blogs / books I’d love to hear about them.

Daily Tweet

Yeah I’m tooting my own horn there 😀


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