Wednesday 17th of March

Good morning folks, I hope you’re well!

I’m sorry to announce you this but I do not have a single pair on my watchlist for today.

I did however write up an article about becoming a funded FX trader answering the common questions – why go with 5ers, why get funded, any tips that I have

You can find it here:

One good piece of content.

How do we get Rich?


Through: Discipline – Generosity – Investing

To give you guys some value I’ll also encourage you to go and watch this video on Youtube:

I watched it yesterday for the first time and I must admit, I thought it was rather good.

For Prof G -the Algebra of Wealth is the following

Wealth = Focus + (Stoicism x Time x Diversification)

I thought that was good

Focus = Find something you are better than others at – where you are great at – get certified & move to the correct city (you can also do it based the next wave of opportunity according to him dispersion)

Stoicism = Figure out what is under your control and what isn’t under your control -Remember these two words and live according to them: “Temperance & Discipline”

Time = The one thing you shouldn’t waste, invest early, let the compound interest work for you. Time in the market counts a lot more than timing the market

Diversify = It’s your Kevlar, makes sure that not one single bad decision can kill you – aim to be anti fragile.

Daily Tweet:

Reduce the gap between the lows & the highs Makes life a hell of a lot more pleasant, especially trading wise

If you’re really happy when you bank a winner, you’ll feel the lows every time you take a loss

Neutralize those highs / lows –> find their negative / positive aspect

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