Tuesday 16th of March

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

Going to try to go back on a “decaf diet” since I started drinking a lot of espressos while I was in Italy, it’ll be interesting to see how I feel!

Anyway, enough talk about me, let’s dive into the watchlist

OHHH before we do, I forgot to mention for the European traders, the 4hour close happens one hour earlier atm, I believe it’s until the 27th when we move our clocks forward?

FX Watchlist


Swiss Yen is really on the last straw of my watchlist, but since I’m doing it alphabetically you’ll see it first 🙂

The reason why CHF/JPY is of interest to me is because we created a counter zone on the 26th of Feb (a counter zone not a trendline break) by having several candles closing below the previous zone dating back to the 4th of Feb.

It’s not the prettiest thing that’s for sure, there’s no real weekly stack, there’s only a monthly stack but let’s wait and see what happens


Euro Yen is the second pair I have on my watchlist, we haven’t yet reached the zone I’m interested in but we’re currently correcting below, could be a good sign that people are starting to exit their longs or that they’re waiting for more fresh powder to join the fight 🙂

This zone was created in September 2018, it works both as a trend line break (even tho it wasn’t at the best value it’s the only fresh one) and a counter zone area of supply.

There’s a rather gorgeous weekly stack as well hence why I’m looking forward to seeing how price reacts to the zone.


Pound Dollar is also worth mentioning, we are approaching a counter zone that is just below an ascending trendline it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out when it is reached

Let’s wait and see 🙂

Daily Book

Still going through Antifragile for yet another time, I didn’t recall Nassim Taleb had written about Seneca and his views – the importance of being anti-fragile was already “mentioned” there.

You want to write off all your possessions that way if you loose them, well, nothing bad happened to you since you already wrote them off. All you do is keep the upside.

You become anti fragile to fate, no more downside, only the upside.

Will need to keep reading some original pieces from Seneca, I’ll admit I hadn’t really seen that before hand. just thought he was doing it to avoid pain & temptation.

Anyway, I’m happy I picked it up for another read

Daily Tweet

An interesting point of view – that’s a really good one and I should look more into

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