Monday 15th of March

Good morning folks, I hope you’re well! What have you been up to over the weekend?

Didn’t have that much free time since a friend decided to show up – which kinda stopped me from doing any backtesting – but I won’t complain!


FX Watchlist


Canadian Swiss is one pair I’ll be watching over the next few hours – we’ve had a few hours of sideways price action so let’s wait and see if we get an entry signal before it gets outqualified from my watchlist


Pound Yen is the second pair on my watchlist, we already reached the area of interest, moved lower and back up, at the moment it could form a clear double top.

The price action was to slanted for my interest, so I’ll wait to see a clear push higher and then a potential reversal

That’s it for my daily watch folks!

Daily Book

By the way, I picked up Anti Fragile from my bookshelf yesterday, I have to say the idea behind the book is fascinating, I’ll be going through it while looking at the research papers he uses if I think something really interesting.

Nassim Taleb is someone worth looking into that’s for sure

Daily Tweet

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