Friday 12th of March

Good morning folks, I hope you’re well!

Sorry if this post as some delay, a crow was stuck in my office had to find a way to save a little one. Poor bugger must’ve been petrified!

Anyway, enough talk, let’s dive into my watchlist for today (same as yesterday)

FX Watchlist


Canadian Yen is the first pair on my watch – we’re approaching an area of supply, actually, we already are in an area of supply, so now it’s only a question of getting an entry signal.


I’ll be keeping an eye out on Swiss Yen, if anyone wants to tell me it’s not valid, go for it, I can understand your view point – but will keep my eyes on it nether less, the main problem atm is the 4hour price action has been rather flat


As mentioned yesterday Pound Yen is my favorite pair for a potential short trade out of these three, let’s see if we get an entry.

This zone was created by the break of an ascending trend line rather than being a counter zone – let’s see what happens

That’s it for today 🙂

Have a lovely one folks!

P.S. I’m looking to build myself another strategy, more of a long term swing trading style so if you have any ideas on what I could base it off (for instance supply and demand / market structure / support and resistance —> ideally none of these since I already have traded these three styles – I’d be all ears)

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