Thursday 11th of March

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well I really mean it 🙂

Flying back out to France today, will then spend a week in “self quarantine” before going to see my new born nephew – rather excited I must admit!

Enough talk about me for one day tho, so let’s have a look at my watchlist

(A little tip, basically every yen pair)

FX Watchlist


Canadian Dollar to Yen is the first pair on my watch, yep I’m skipping AJ I don’t have anything there for any time soon.

CJ is approaching an area of supply, an old counter zone that has a monthly stack, so let’s be patient and wait for an entry signal


Swiss Yen is also on my watch for a potential short, now I’ll be the first to admit that this set-up is less impressive than the others, we are using a counter zone of a counter zone – however we haven’t really seen a clear move away yet.

On the higher time frame aspect there’s no real clear stack, we can argue there’s a monthly stack, it’s valid, just not the nicest one in the book if you were to ask me, which I guess you kinda are if you’re reading this blog? Or are you a bit too lazy to do your own watchlist? Eheheh I see through you!


Pound Yen is my third and last pair on watch for today, there are other pairs slowly moving towards their areas of interest, however they’re all quite far away.

This pair presents quite an interesting opportunity, the area of supply was created by the break of an ascending trend line – the weekly stack is also rather gorgeous. The current price action has been moving upwards without a real pullback since October so it’s probably in need of a pull back.

We’ll see what happens

That’s it for today folks 🙂

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