Wednesday 10th of March

Good morning folks, I hope you’re well!

Not much change on my watchlist today, it’s also my last full day in Naples so will make sure to go out and drink a few more espressos before I fly back to France.

FX Watchlist


As per the last few days I’ll be eyeing up Canadian Dollar to the Yen for a potential short reversal, I quite like this area, but it’s only a question of whenever it reaches it and if it gives us an entry signal.


While talking about a Yen pair I figured I might as well mention Euro Yen.

I’m not in the original 4hour entry – I had taken it off my watchlist once it clearly broke the area of supply – however it’s been moving sideways around the entry point for quite a while now and that makes me rather intrigued by a potential 4hour scale in opportunity

A break and retest of the 4hour 50EMA would also fit with a break and retest of an ascending phase line – which would be rather interesting.

Let’s wait and see


Let’s keep on rolling with the yen pairs, but this time let’s talk about Pound Yen, I think it’s quite promising, or at least could be once we have a clear reversal signal within the area of supply.

Will be interesting to see what happens to the Yen over the next week.


Pound Dollar hasn’t really moved since the beginning of the week, it’s still moving sideways just above an area of demand – that fits rather nicely with an ascending trend line.


Dollar Swiss is the last pair I have on watch for the end of the week, doubt it’ll give us an entry for today but it’s worth mentionning.

It’s a shame the reversal didn’t touch the area of supply, it would’ve been a 3% trade had it been in the zone.

Have a wonderful day folks

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