Tuesday 9th of March

Good morning folks! Hope all is well!

Before we dive into my watch, just wanted to take a moment and congratulate everyone that did the 4x4x48 challenge, I think it’s rather inspiring 🙂 Crazy, but inspiring.

FX Watchlist


Canadian Dollar to the Yen is worth mention as a pair to watch today, we are approaching an area of interest – an old counter zone (of a counter zone) there’s also a clear monthly stack that’s rather gorgeous so it’s a nice confluence factor to have.


Pound Dollar is rather interesting- we have a clear recent counter zone that as a weekly stack from the get go


Dollar to Swiss is the third pair to make it to my daily watchlist, out of these three it’s probably the closest to give us a potential entry – it also has a clear weekly stack 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this watchlist – did I miss anything?

Oh and while I’m thinking about it – Ben Francis the founder of Gymshark recently published a video about what he would say to his 23yo self : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxn63iIFasE

I thought it was worth the watch

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