Monday 8th of March

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well! Just got back to Naples after spending my weekend in Capri, I have to say, it’s rather breath taking gorgeous over there 🙂

Anyway, enough talk, I should get wifi today so rather excited to get some more work done once that’s installed!

FX Watchlist


While I don’t really like the current price action on this pair, the area is valid hence why I’m mentioning it.

I won’t be taking a trade off it since I am rather strict when it comes to my set-ups however it would be valid if you didn’t have as many rules as I do 🙂


Pound Dollar is definitely worth mentioning, it hasn’t arrived into the area of demand yet, however once it does I’ll be looking to take a long position there, it fits with my macro view as well as the technical view.

We have a clear counter zone with an obvious weekly stack, on top of those confluences we also have the daily 50EMA as well as an ascending phase line.

All in all, it’s worth keeping your eyes out


Dollar Swiss is my third pair on watch for today, not for the zone we’re currently in but for the zone that’s slightly above it, a counterzone that broke two key levels, it also has a weekly stack and as GBP/USD it fits my macro view even tho it doesn’t matter it’s always a nice confirmation.

That’s it for today, still no trades have been taken so I’m just patiently waiting.

Opportunities tend to come like waves, there’s always some opportunity, but it’s not the best ones and we better wait if we want to have a gorgeous ride 🙂

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