Wednesday 3rd of March

Good morning folks! Hope all is well 🙂

Just went out to get an espresso and a croissant before doing my watchlist – feels good – I have to say that while the espresso is nicer here than in France and people friendly, France definitely wins when it comes to croissant!

Anyway, I’m talking because there’s not much on my watchlist for today and I still don’t have wifi to do a post about my new additional strategy.

FX Watchlist


While it’s not the prettiest zone, I’d be lying if I said it was, there is some structure behind it, we saw a correction and then a break after this imbalance

We have both a weekly and a monthly stack in the area so I’ll wait and see what happens once we reach those HTF stack.


Since I mentioned Euro Dollar I figure I might as well repeat what I said about Pound Dollar

We are in an interesting zone, the price is currently between supply and demand and those both areas have a higher time frame stack, so I’ll be keeping my eyes on them to see if something happens that I can act on.

That’s it for today folks, have a good one!

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