Monday 1st of March

Good morning folks! Hope you’re well!

To give you the big news, I’ve completed the 5ers trial phase (closed down all my positions once I had reached the profit target required for that trial) – I’ll write a blog about my experience if that’s something you want.

More news, I’m currently in Naples, I flew out yesterday to the land of espresso and pizzas 🙂 The aim problem being it’s still only february, and there’s no cellphone reception inside my airbnb, or any wifi, so I’m working on the balcony and I’m getting cold….

Hopefully wifi will be installed today or tomorrow 🙂

Enough talk, let’s jump onto my watchlist for the day:

FX Watchlist

I actually don’t have anything

You can argue that AUD/CAD should be on my watchlist, however I don’t believe the previous zone was valid so I don’t have it

For those thinking of AUD/USD I do not trade that pair due to its low strike rate sadly.

So all in all, today I’ll be a tourist and open the wifi will be installed soon

See you folks around

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