Friday 26th of February 2021

Good morning folks! I’m in a good mood! Three trades running all three in profits way to go.

Actually not even, AUD/NZD reached its profit target this morning as I’m writing this.

A little Ad for @NewCapitalFX :

“I didn’t need to have my cup of coffee this morning to get my heart started, I didn’t need to masturbate either – all that because AUD/NZD reached my profit target overnight thanks to New Capital FX

-Max Sydney 2021

(Only half joking, I do trade the New Capital style)

Trade Update:


Aussie Kiwi reached my TP, only slightly problem is that I miss sized the trade around 0.7% not 1% sadly, but can’t complain 🙂

Yesterday I executed two trades:


I was able to execute a long on Euro Aussie yesterday – it moved nicely so my stop is now at break-even – I’m happy, let’s hope we see it reach out profit target before the weekend, that’d be amazing.


I took a short on Canadian Yen yesterday as well, it was a pretty entry, no problem there, let’s see what happens 🙂

However, while I’m happy with how I executed those trades, I’m also aware that I missed two potential trades.


Euro Yen also provided a script entry at 11pm last night – sadly I was asleep – I’ll admit I didn’t expect it to be a script entry since last I checked was at 7pm (the previous 4hour close) and we were quite a fair amount above the area.


Canadian Swiss also provided a potential entry – I’ll be straight forward, I didn’t even look at it, we spent so much time outside of the area I had entirely discounted it.

We also saw one additional entry – however it didn’t fit our trading plan.

USD/CAD formed a clear script entry and clear rejection of an area of demand however the stop loss would’ve been above 100 pips so I didn’t execute.

All in all, this month as been insanely active, we have to love it.

FX Watchlist


Dollar to Singapore is the only pair I have on watch for today we are moving back up to the area of supply we created after we broke an ascending channel / correction pattern on the daily.

Let’s remain vigilant.

I am looking to take a scale in on EUR/AUD and CAD/JPY

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