Six Months of Consistent Work

Celebrating 6 months of sharing my watchlist with you guys every (well nearly) single morning, doing that one small step on top of my usual routine.

I still can’t believe this website gets over 500 views per month (without including all the emails that get opened on a daily basis)

I hope it has brought value to at least one of you, even if it’s only the daily “good morning folks, I hope you’re well”

Time flew by,

I hope we all worked to get closer to our long term goals

Over the last six months here are the changes I’ve implemented:

  • Ran at least 15 times per month
  • No alchool on week days
  • Consistent sleep schedule
  • Finalised my trading strategy
  • Started creating several new ones to complement it (one is promising atm)
  • Read on average a book per week
  • Shared my watchlist and trades publicly (here)
  • Small actions have been slowly compounding in my favor.

I can guarantee you, that the next six months will be insane.

So let’s talk about goals.

A lot of people say that they want to become rich and successful.

Most of those who read this blog will probably recognise themselves in those words, you probably even have a more specific version- I’ll become a consistent trader, get funded by 5ers or FTMO, grow my account till I’m able to live off my trading returns.

That’s already a good start, I’m not denying that at all 🙂 I’m glad you know the how you want to get there!

In 2016 you were setting 5 year plans and dreaming about the future.

Now it’s 2021. That future you were dreaming about has come.

What has changed?

Ask yourself,

Is the future that has come really any different from the past?

The answer, at least for me, is that my brain, habits and mind are still quite similar to those I had in 2016

Heck, in 2016 my 5 year plan looked something like this:

I’ll be living off my trading returns, have the opportunity to travel around the world, meet incredible people and be a millionaire

I had big goals, I visualized, I read out loud my goal every morning and night, I dreamt up of this magical tomorrow.

What I failed to do was remain present, I needed to become aware of my surroundings, notice the limiting beliefs, notice my destructive habits, understand the current reality of business and have a clear actionable plan.

That’s why I’ve achieved the traveling part, was able to live off my trading returns for a while (I no longer do over the last 5months I’ve been doing the break-even dance), I did act just not in the right way.

I left my brain and my focus on autopilot – I kept getting the same results as before, which is exactly what being on autopilot is supposed to do.

To change all of this we have to keep in mind that:

To create a new tomorrow, all we have to do is create a new today.

Simple tweaks in our habits (instead of watching 2 TV episodes per day watch 1 and watch 1 trading documentary – or even better workout for 40minutes)

Simple tweaks in actions (Backtest for 30minutes per day before being allowed your coffee)

Simple tweaks in your mentality (Realize that you deserve good in your life because of what you do, not because you are entitled it)

Nothing crazy, hell I definitely don’t recommend you to start backtesting 12 hours per day if you don’t already backtest 1hour per day!

Start with ONE small change

One email by Tej Dosa really nails it down for me.

“Everybody wants to hit grand slams. Nobody wants to hit singles.”

I wrote down after analyzing the results of last year.

“But it’s the singles that make the grand slams possible… because rooted in every grand slam are seeds that only came to life after hitting singles.”

In other words…

Big wins don’t emerge from nothing.

They are the accumulation of a thousand and one small wins.


Get in the habit of winning and you’ll become a winner…

As cheesy as that sounds.

“But how?” you ask.

Here are my favorite ways to stack small wins…

When the alarm clock goes off, don’t hit snooze.
When you jump out of bed, spend xx minutes on yourself before you check any email/technology.
When you have a choice between instant gratification and delayed gratification, choose the latter.
When you’re tired and have no energy to attend to your habits, do the minimum possible. Instead of writing 1000 words, write 10 words. Instead of sending 10 cold emails, send one. Keep the chain alive.

The more able you become to hit a single, the better you get at striking the ball, the more strength you build, the more aligned you become with the game, you’re calm when you walk up to bat, you have no stress, all you want is 1 base.

Once you’re centered, you have no pression, you know you can do it, that’s when you’ll get to your sweet spot and do a home run.

It wasn’t luck, it was thanks to all the small wins you collected day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

Ask yourself

What small wins will you collect today to make a BIG win possible tomorrow?

Turning desires into gold is something possible (according to Think and Grow Rich)

“All” you have to do are the following six steps.

1: Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. It’s not sufficient to say I want plenty of money, you need to be definite about the amount

2: Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire (There is no such reality as “something for nothing”)

3: Establish a definite date when you intend to possess the money you desire.

4: Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire, and begin at once, whether you’re ready or not, to put this plan into action (one small win today, one small win every single day)

5: Write out a clear concise statement of the amount of money you intend to acquire, the time limit, what you’ll give in return for it and the plan through which you tend to accumulate it.

6: Read that statement aloud twice daily.

I’ll jump straight into the last point before addressing the rest.

Is the guy that’s really infatuated with a good looking girl likely to hook up with her if he blushes, gets hiccups, turns really shy and kinda stupid as soon as she’s around?

No! Why does he react that way? Because he considers himself to be a 1 and her a 10 or even better

If you want to attract something you have to balance it out.

You need to see that every state is equal.

At the moment I’m trading but I’m around breakeven for the last while. That’s not amazing, but there’s benefits to it!

I don’t have the tax office running after me, I’m not responsible for any employees, I don’t have people messaging me at all hours asking me for advice, my living costs are low, I don’t have any debt etc etc

When I make10million profit a year, it’s certain that I’ll be talking with an accountant to try to reduces my taxes while clearly remaining in the legal side of the law, I’ll have someone working for me, people would want to hang out with me just to try to get things from me, a lot of favours will be asked, all my new friends that know how much money I make will have that information, people will judge me, I’ll have a more expensive lifestyle etc.

Making 10 million profit a year definitely has as drawbacks, it won’t only be sunshine galore..

That’s why visualising and reading aloud your goal is important.

You want to neutralize your infatuation with it. to see it as it really is, nice, but something that has drawbacks too.

Let’s jump into the fourth point once again

4: Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire, and begin at once, whether you’re ready or not, to put this plan into action (one small win today, one small win every single day)

This is the challenge 🙂

Creating a definite plan that fits with the amount you want.

So here’s my plan.

By December 20th 2021 I have a 200,000$ trading account which will come to me in various amounts from time to time during the interim.

That money shall come through three sources, growth from my own personal trading account, profits made from three 5ers account, and other sources.

All that is good, I’ve said the amount and the desire and the how. Next remains to focus on what I shall give for it and actions that can be implemented.

This leads back to my previous statement:

What small wins will you collect today to make a BIG win possible tomorrow?

Will it be times backtesting? Will it be willingness to risk large percentage amounts of your trading account? Will it be by offering services at the best of your capabilities to others? Will you focus deeply on the charts every single day for 2 hours for instance?

All this to say,

Your daily actions result in the future,

The present is the same as the future,

Act now whether you’re ready or not,

Start with one small action one change in your routine,

Accumulate small wins,

Neutralize your infatuations,

Have a plan but remain present.

2 Replies to “Six Months of Consistent Work”

  1. Hi Max,

    I am also a trader changing the strategy from structures to areas of interest (offer and demand). I have been struggling on the breakeven zone with bouts of fear and greed.

    I have started reading your page. It helps me clarify my thoughts and reaffirm the steps I am taking to show the better me I already have inside.

    I took a mentor to guide me in the clarification of values and set up a plan. He helps on the accountability part too: The small steps are the main ingredient to achieve my vision.

    Thanks for the inspiration.



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