Friday 19th of February

Good morning folks, I hope all is well!

Unsure if I said it here yet, but since I share more or less everything here, I’ll be traveling to Naples from the 28th of February till the 11th of March.

I’m thinking of taking that period for self reflection so I may not update you guys on my watchlist as frequently as I currently am. No promises!

If you have any recommendations for Naples (and around there) please do drop me a message on Instagram! @max_sydney_

Anyway, enough talk.

FX Watchlist


Aussie Swiss remains on my watchlist, while we nearly had a script entry yesterday (it closed as an imbalance but up until 5s before the close it was a script) I didn’t execute it.

I’ve been waiting to take a double top entry or anything really in this zone. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

We can’t really deny that there’s an area of supply here, however the market isn’t overextended or at a clear reversal area. Time will tell.


Aussie Kiwi remains slightly below the area of supply that has my interest, we’ll see if we reach that level today or next week. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next!


Euro Aussie is also approaching its area of demand, (inversed compared to Aussie Swiss for instance) so that’s definitely worth keeping a watch on.

The zone itself is quite old, so it’ll be interesting to see if institutions still have orders about this level. If they do, we’ll see the price reverse from this descending trend soon.

This bearish trend has been rather enjoyable I believe for everyone that was short 🙂


Pound Yen remains on my watch, the area in which it currently is isn’t valid, however I do not seem to be able to take it off my watchlist. I guess that’s what rules are for, to break them when we feel like it 🙂

I haven’t coded this strategy into an algo on purpose to keep this human element, so I’ll keep doing that. If an entry opportunity shows itself I’ll execute a short.


Pound Dollar is also on my watchlist, I’m interested in a potential short from this level. It’s not the cleanest area, however it’s valid so I’ll be keeping it close to me.

The main problem, is that we’ve currently spent 16 hours going sideways, I have a limit of 24hours, so let’s see if we get an entry before that point.

Hope you folks enjoyed this!

Have a gorgeous Friday

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