Thursday 18th of February 2021

Good morning folks! Hope all is well on your side of things.

To update you, AUD/NZD Reached my profit target so I am now looking for a potential short.

I have to say, it’s rather nice to have a trade that reaches my profit target, it had been a while!

I am still holding CADCHF and EURNZD (No longer in scales ins, was out for BE on the two of them)

Daily Watch


Aussie Swiss is on top of my watchlist for this morning, we have now reached the area of supply with its weekly stack. I’ll be taking a short if we have a script entry.

I believe we may have one at the next 4hour close.


As mentioned previously, now that I am no longer in my long position I’ll be looking to short Aussie Kiwi since we are also approaching an area of supply

We’ve also got a clear weekly stack on this pair, so I’ll be ready to execute.


Euro Aussie is also approaching an area of demand for a potential long. On this pair the weekly stack is less obvious so I am attaching a chart for the weekly and 4hour, if I was to attack the daily it’d be too far back for us to see it clearly anyway.


Pound Yen remains within the area of supply and so far we haven’t gotten a script entry – for me to enter in a position on this pair I’ll want to wait for the price to make a new high in order to reach more orders.


Pound Dollar remains on my watchlist – it reached the area of supply yesterday but we may see a double top on the 4hour which would enable me to take a short position.

Let’s wait and see what we get.


Dollar Singapore is still on my watch, it’s not the nicest trade I’ve ever seen but it remains valid in my eyes 🙂 Let’s be patient.

Daily Book:

I’ve finished reading King David’s Spaceship, was quite an enjoyable science fiction read, brought up some good questions, back to reading Think and Grow Rich, well once I’ve gone through all my notes from Laws of Human Nature… That will take a time.

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