Wednesday 17th of February

Good morning folks, hope all is well with you!

Let’s jump straight into my daily watch?

FX Watchlist


Aussie Swiss is approaching an area of interest for me but as mentioned previously it’s taking its time to get there, we are in no rush 🙂


Figured I might as well mention GBP/JPY. This zone is actually not valid per my rules since there’s 6 imbalances however, the area and value is so obvious to me I’ll be keeping my eyes out on this pair for the next while to see what happens


Pound Dollar started to move lower once it reached the area of supply, so I’m currently waiting to see if it will give us a double top formation to enter a short position. If it doesn’t give us an entry that’s okay, the zone played out at least.


We had a clear move higher from the area of demand on USD/CAD as I had expected, I’m just waiting to see if we get a double bottom formation or not.

Quite sad about this one, the second bullish imbalance from the zone was a script entry up to the last 10seconds of the candle. It didn’t close as one tho so I didn’t execute my long position.


Dollar yen is on my watch for a potential short opportunity, we saw a clear break of a structure line and we are currently moving to retest it, if we do and have a clear script entry I’ll look for a short

That’s it for my watch!

Have a great one folks.

P.S. Been working on developing two new strategies for the last few weeks so that why I don’t spend as much time talking about the set-ups here.

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