Friday 12th of February 2021

Good morning folks! Hope you’re well and ready to have a splendid day!

I don’t have anything on watch for today, and there’s only one thing to update you on – I took a 4hour scale in on EUR/NZD – so let’s send it good vibes so we can see a push to the upside 🙂

So instead of sharing my watch, what I’m reading I’ll do something slightly different today, I’ll be raw and real sharing a few things that are going through my head.

Life is great when we are in control of it

I never truly realized how applicable that was up until now, we all want to control our destiny hence why being stuck indoors is rather rough these days for a lot of people. We know why we’re doing it, it makes sense so for one year we still felt in control.

This year tho, I’m starting to feel like I’m loosing control sadly, it’s no longer because I think it’s a good idea that I respect the curfew (or lockdown) but because I don’t really have a choice. Which sucks.

But as we always say, your thoughts determine your reality.

Focus on things you can do that will make you happier in three years time.

2. Working out sucks when you’re doing it, but the endorphins afterwards are why I do it.

Freaking worth it, ever since I’ve been running 15 times per month I’ve felt better both in my own skin but also mentally, I guess suffering for around 30 minutes to then have a wave of “feels good” is worth it. Would recommend everyone to jump on that!

Recently started doing 5 minute of rope skipping every morning before sitting at my computer, feels quite good to have my blood pumping. I guess since the heart is then pumping more blood around my body it’s better for my brain so I feel less groggy.

It’s fucking hard, best I’ve done so far is 2min20 without messing up, hopefully I’ll get to do the 5minutes in one go soon!

3. Keep your mind open for new ideas

Recently went through different trading courses to get a few ideas of my own of things I could add / change it was worth it.

Now it’s time to backtest some of my ideas


  • Now it’s time for a question to you.

I’ve recently came up with the idea of creating a group of 5 to 10 people that would meet on a weekly basis for 2 months to build a trading strategy together.

The idea behind it is that everyone would have some homework every week to do some backtesting on a specific pair / backtest a specific idea and share their findings with the group at the meeting.

I was thinking such a group would cost around 200euros – where you’d actually get back 100 euros at the end of the two months if you made it to the meetings and actually did the work we assigned.

The reason behind the cost is that people are only serious when it comes to money, if something is free they rarely care / finish it –> that leads to the reason I’d pay 100 euros back at the end, because if we all play the game together, the work you’ve done would’ve helped the others too so you deserve to get paid for it!

What do you think?

Would you be in?

If so drop me a message on instagram @max_sydney_ or by email at

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