Wednesday 10th of February

Good morning folks! Hope you’re all well! Ready to have an amazing day!

Let’s start with updating you on CAD/CHF

Trade Update:

CAD/CHF I am still running the original position, however my 4hour scale in got tagged out for 1% profit on the correction. I’m happy with the 1% I followed my trading plan so there’s no problem there for me.

AUD/NZD I am still holding my Aussie Kiwi long position:

New Positions:

EUR/NZD I took two trades in Euro Kiwi yesterday.

My first entry was a clear script entry after a clear double bottom pattern as mentioned on my watch, quickly followed by a 1hour scale in.

Here’s a cleaner picture of the scale in:

Anyway, enough talking, let’s have a look at my watchlist for today!

FX Watchlist


Aussie Swiss will be on my main watchlist for the rest of the week. We haven’t seen anything that would have me over excited for a trade today, so I’ll just wait and see what we get 🙂

There is a weekly stack, however, we are forced to combine 2 weekly imbalances in order to be able to trade it. That is something I have decided to add to my trading plan so it’s still good.


Pound Dollar is the second pair I’ll be eyeing up for a potential short play for the rest of the week, I like how it’s pushing towards a zone we haven’t reached since mid April 2018, we are approaching some rather old levels 🙂

There’s no weekly stack, that being said the monthly is giving us a tweezer top there with a gorgeous stack so I’ll be happy to trade it to the downside.


Dollar Canadian is a rather interesting one, we are currently rejecting the larger descending trendline, it’s a rather picure perfect rejection too, however we did create a wedge pattern that lead to a bullish move, the imbalance that was created was the low.

If USDCAD keep droppings and reaches that imbalance, we’d actually see a rather clean double bottom /arc formation for a potential long buy to break this descending trend line.

We’ll have to wait for a script to occur to take this long but it could be an interesting play!

That’s it for my watchlist for today folks!

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