Tuesday 9th of February 2021

Good morning folks, hope all is well with you!

Quite a busy day ahead of me, I have to catch up on 2 hours of trading related content (Already gone through 1hour this morning) and do some extra research for a new project.

All in all, it’ll be a good day.

FX Watchlist


I believe it’s worth mentioning Aussie Swiss since we are approaching an area of supply, I’ll be interested to see if we drop, we’ve been forming an ascending channel for quite a while however we can’t really call it over extended since it has a decent amount of corrections in the move.

We’re still quite far from the level that has my interest but figured it was worth mentioning:


The second pair I have on my watchlist for today is Canadian Dollar to Yen – I rather like this as a potential short play. That being said, we are currently seeing some bearish momentum, it may drop before the price reaches the area of supply, which would be fine by me but it’d be nice to have another shot at this short play.

There’s no weekly stack, there’s a strong bearish candle instead, but we do have a monthly stack so all is well, I’ll be able to execute it.


Euro Kiwi remains on my watchlist even tho we’ve spent quite a while in the area of demand purely because we have formed a clear double bottom formation which has me rather interested in a potential long play.

The area of demand that dates back to Jan. 2020 did start a very strong leg higher, so I am wondering if institutions would be interested in doing the same thing this year – back then it took a while for them to set this push up.

It’s worth keeping your eyes out on how this one shapes up

Daily Book

I am still rather enjoying rereading the Laws of Human Nature, I would recommend it, it’s worth the shot. It’s a long read but quite insightful, the amount of research he put into it is rather impressive.

Daily Tweet:

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