Wednesday 3rd of February 2021

Good morning folks! Busy freaking few days eh. Took more trades since Friday than in the entire month of December!

In addition to the trades mentioned yesterday I was also able to take scale in positions. I’ll update you all once everything is closed out, it will be easier 🙂

All in all, rather interesting times, where for the first time in a while I’ve been forced to size down due to the available margin at my disposition. All in all there’s 6 trades, my mind is blown away I’ll admit.

Anyway, enough talk, let’s have a look at my watchlist?

FX Watchlist.


Aussie Kiwi dropped like a stone in the past few days and we have now reached an area of demand, it was created as a counter zone. There’s another area of demand a little lower but I’ll be executing an entry if a script presents itself.

It has a rather gorgeous weekly stack


Euro Kiwi is the second pair I have on watch for a potential trade today, a long as well and it also has a rather gorgeous weekly stack.

All in all, let’s wait and see what happens

Daily Book

Still reading Laws of Human Nature – here’s a quote about the fact that the world is only made up of our perception of it – if we change our mindset the world can become a nicer place

Robert Greene Laws of Human Nature

The world simply exists as it is – things or events are not good or bad, right or wrong, ugly or beautiful. It is we with our particular perspectives who add color to or subtract it from things and people,

Daily Tweet

Yet another Thread 😀

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