Friday 29th of January

Good morning folks! Really enjoying all this madness at the moment I’ll admit ;’)

Don’t forget to follow this advice – that’s probably the most important thing I can share today

Anyway, enough talk, let’s look into my watchlist

FX Watchlist


Cad swiss is forming a double bottom which is something I’m quite keen on, let’s see if we get a script entry.

There’s not really a weekly stack but the monthly stack is rather clear and obvious so all is well for an entry according to my book


Euro Yen, I am mentioning this pair since the daily is rather gorgeous, we are still a day or two away from a potential entry tho so we don’t need to stress too much about that.

That being said, I’m quite unsure if I would be willing to take a script entry for a short even if we reach the zone due to the fact I’m finding it quite hard to draw a higher timeframe stack… Anyway, here’s the chart, I’ll let you make your own mind up!


Pound Yen is another pair on my watch, as per yesterday, I believe this zone to exists and it would classify as a counter zone – that being said, there are two additional zones slightly higher so we may see a push to reach those zones before the drop.


Kiwi Yen is the last pair on my watch for today, we still haven’t reached the supply zone so it remains fresh, I’ll be eyeing it up for a potential short.
The fact that we already saw a drop once the price got close to our zone is actually quite encouraging, that means that institutions do not really want to see this price broken.

There’s a rather lovely monthly stack here and the fact that we have 3 yen pairs on watch for a potential short is announcing something rather pretty to my eyes.

Daily Book

Still reading the Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene – reading about narcissist and empathy 🙂

Daily tweet

Quite an interesting thread, I’d recommend reading it (about fat tails)

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