Wednesday 27th of January 2021

Good morning folks, I come to you with sad news today. My GBP/CHF short, the trade where I was “lucky” because I didn’t get tagged out previously ended up reaching my stop loss for -1R

Anyway, that happens, but it’s motivating me to find ways to improve my entries, my trading plan does great over the last 5 years but the last 4 months have been rather disappointing, it may be worth to adapt.

That being said, time for my watchlist!

FX Watchlist


Pound Yen is approaching an area of supply that I’m rather intrigued in. While the first zone is indeed valid, it stands as a counter-zone, it took place rather far away from the area of demand it broke.
That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to break this zone and reach the middle one – or even the higher one.


Kiwi Yen is the second pair on my watchlist for today.

We are approaching the area of supply, we’re rather close to it, I’d be surprised if we didn’t reach it this week.

I’ll wait for a clear entry that fits my trading plan (a script signal) before taking the trade to the downside, let’s be patient until then.

Daily Book
Finished the autobiography of Andrew Carnegie and the Gospel of wealth, well, I say that but I quit reading it around 75% in since it then started to only talk about all his donations, who was managing what program etc etc.

I would still recommend people to read it, the autobiography part was fantastic.

I’ve now picked up Robert Green The Laws of Human Nature – read it a long time ago but I figured it’d be worth re-reading afterall!

Daily Tweet

Just saw this on a tweet, hilarious

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